Cartograph G

Cartogaph G is a modified version of Cartograph with extra features implemented.
The original author of Cartograph (Zombuster) doesn't seem to be updating it anymore (or at least not fast enough for my taste).
I love the images rendered by it though, and since it's open source I made some changes to it.
At the beating heart is still Zombuster's original work and I am only responsible for the added features and interface.
There's also an image post processor and a new interface to accommodate the new features and make it more user friendly.
Screenshots are near the bottom of this post


Most recent version (2011_09_16): cartograph_g_2011_09_16_bins.rar
Older Beta versions: cartograph_g_2011_08_20_bins.rar, cartograph_g_2011_06_30_bins.rar, cartograph_g_2011_04_01_bins_april_fools_edition.rar
Older beta 1.3 versions: cartograph_g_2011_03_17_bins.rar, cartograph_g_2011_03_03_bins.rar
Older versions (no beta 1.3 support!): cartograph_g_2011_02_13_bins.rar, cartograph_g_2011_02_10_bins.rar
If it doesn't work right away, download this: C++ Package (32bits), (64bits)

Texture pack patcher: cartograph_g_2011_09_14_tpp.rar
Marking extraction pack: cartograph_g_2011_04_14_mep.rar
Modscript documentation (Cartograph G Script) with Aether example: cartograph_g_2011_08_20_cgs.rar
Translation documentation with templates:cartograph_g_2011_09_14_tlp.rar

New features

Most recent blocks (cake, note blocks, dyed wool, beds, slabs, portal fields, different trees)
Wooloscopy: all blocks are now wool; allows you to see data values
Force brightness: all blocks are now as bright as if exposed to sunlight
Select any number of layers to render them alone or exclude them in any view mode
Select any number of block types to render them alone or exclude them in any view mode
A built-in function to map all layers individually with any options in any view mode (like the broken batch file)
Easy selection screen for layers and blocks, with information on which is which and filters
Merge renders on top of each other (for example a render of lava only on top of a normal map)
Custom background colors (handy if you map only an ore and want more contrast)
A queue for multiple renders in one batch (you should suppress stacking though)
Easy human readable command line interface
All interface -> renderer and interface -> post processor commands go through a batch file, allowing for saving, editing and repeating.
Logging and concurrency: batch jobs log their progress, several jobs can work concurrently.
Orientation and mirroring: select the orientation of the map and optionally mirror it.
Automatic save file finder: finds your custom named world folders in the Minecraft save folder.
Native Beta 1.3 (McRegion) save file support
Custom map path history
Big maps, worlds of over a gigabyte have been reported working. Post your high score in this thread.
Partial map rendering by coordinates or markings
Exact coordinates of all blocks written to file (for finding dungeons for example)
Zooming, cropping, mirroring or rotating images
Mod script / Aether support (CGS)
Custom translations


2011_09_16; CGR: Added correct leaves interpretation.
2011_09_15; BINS: Included correct texture image this time.
2011_09_14; CGR: 1.8 blocks. CGI: 1.8 blocks and translation capability.
2011_08_20; CGR: Zooming, cropping, limited CGS support, current dir fix, leaves fix
2011_06_30; CGR: Added Pistons, lightmap feature, updated Readme. TPP: Pistons, redstone bug.
2011_05_26; CGI: saving advanced options, layer list improved. CGR: Trapdoor, tall grass and dead shrub.
2011_04_20; CGR: (auto)mirroring, libpng, saplings, tiles. CGI: layer custom name, new panes. TPP: MC1.5
2011_04_14; CGR: Filtered cave, memory, added location features. CGI: Location features. TPP overhaul. MEP.
2011_04_01; CGR: Tracks/snow now ceiling of block below. CGI: Log close fix, typo, spaced filename. More
2011_03_17; CGI: Verbosity, log typo, render progress. CGR: Support for more memory, tabular stats
2011_03_03; CGR: Fixed oblique cave mode. CGI: Added advanced path settings, custom path saving.
2011_02_27; CGR: Fixed chunk pattern, higher max filename (4x), resolution (10x). CGI: Server lag fix, IP parse
2011_02_25; CGI: World listing for with Windows 7 and Vista. CGR: Notification and visible blocks for interface
2011_02_24; CGR: Big map support, "folder" command. CGI: Shows custom save folders
2011_02_22; CGR: 1.3 Save file and blocks, fix to isometric, oblique and textures. Error, progress reports. More
2011_02_13; CGI: Fixed some logging issues, including Run-time error 70 for Vista and Windows 7.
2011_02_12; CGI: Log, concurrency, simple orientation and mirroring, saving defaults. CGR: Orientation
2011_02_10; CGI: Cobblestone now a common block, readme updated; CGPP transparency fix.
2011_02_08; TPP: Minor leaf update and text. Updated Faq, known issues and possible features on topic.
2011_02_03; CGPP: Compressed, may solve some issues. CGR: Fixed leaves and portal fields, new texture file
2011_01_31; CGI and readme file: typo fixed. CGR: wool fixed and tree textures perfected.
2011_01_30; CGI: Improved block names, nether filter. Changed file naming scheme.

Known issues

Leaves render strangely on older maps or near the edge (see FAQ)
Biomes are not supported
Mirroring 3D maps also mirrors orientation
May not render the same world twice without restarting Windows 7
Can not render huge images on 32bit OSses with little RAM
Non-ASCII characters in world/folder names may not work

Possible future features

Open source (it's still a mess)
Support for biomes
Automatic map name support
Partial rendering, making multiple cores possible
Smooth isometric style


Q: How do i install it?
A: You can not install it, you must extract all the contents of the rar file (with software such as winRAR) to a folder and run Cartograph_G.exe.

Q: Where do the images go?
A: In the same folder you extracted Cartograph G, if you use shortcuts they can go anywhere and i can't guarantee anything works.

Q: Can I map multiplayer maps?
A: Yes, but only if you're the server; select "custom" as map and copy the name of the directory to the textfield.

Q: Why doesn't it work?
A: I don't know. Make sure you have extracted every file to the same directory, make sure the proper permissions are granted and that you have installed the C++ package (download link).

Q: How can I contact you with suggestions, bug reports, rants?
A: I do read this topic, but you should send me a PM or email if you want a personal reply.

Q: Will this work on [operating_system]?
A: I don't know, if it can run windows executables (Wine for example) it might, but I haven't tested this.

Q: Why can't I map the Nether?
A: You can if you've been there at least once. The nether however has a solid Bedrock ceiling, so you'll need to remove a lot of layers from the top or make sure Netherrack and Bedrock are hidden. You could also check "render all slices" to get a thorough view of the Nether.

Q: Why are the leaves so strange?
A: The leaves of Birch and Redwood trees have different textures. Some trees on old maps and near the edge of new maps have leaves with mixed colors. It may be on the old maps because of some old leaf decay algorithm, and on the new maps to keep leaves on remote trees from calculating their decay. But that is speculation from my side, there seems to be nothing to do about it. You can however force all leaves to render as normal leaves if you use standardLeavesPatch.bat in the Texture Pack Patcher.

Q: Why does my virus scanner say it discovered a virus?
A: Few virus scanners, especially Norton, sometimes wrongly see parts of Cartograph G as a virus. As far as i know Cartograph G contains no dangerous elements. You have to set your virus scanner to make an exception and ignore Cartograph G if you want to use it.

Q: Why are chunks rendered so far away from the rest?
A: They exist in the actual save file, it may be a glitch connected to dying in the nether, teleporting or save file hacking. If blocks are not so far away, this is only an inconvenience for mapping. If the distance is too great Cartograph G will try to map the enormous empty space in between and possibly crash. If this happens you'll need to remove the far areas from your world or use the location pane to limit the range.


If you encounter problems running Cartograph G, please follow these steps in this order.


Dyed wool, both new trees (near the bottom), wooloscopy mode to see data values (for example the water flow below the rainbow)

Posted ImagePosted Image

Easy block filter to exclude or only render selected blocks; example shows leaves and sand hidden.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Easy layer filter to exclude or only render selecter layers; example shows several layers cut from the middle.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Choose to render all layers individually with a simple checkbox instead of the broken batch file

Posted Image

Merge several renders (example shows lava rendered on top).

Posted Image

Log screen, showing the progress of tasks and (periodically) render progress

Posted Image

Texture pack patcher (add-on), allows usage of any texture pack and tools to ensure compatibility.

Posted Image

Marking extraction pack (add-on), allows rendering only a selected area.

Posted Image

Lightmap, shows which areas are dark enough to spawn monsters

Posted Image